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Damaged cities of Ukraine

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These damages and attacks caused over 2 000 deaths of civilians and over 2 000 000 refugees! (See proof here.) More photos can be found here.

1. Bila Tserkva
2. Borodyanka
3. Bucha (killed civilians)
4. Byshiv
5. Chernihiv
6. Hostomel
18. Zhytomyr
7. Іrpin
17. Sumy
8. Ivankiv
16. Sevrodonetsk
9. Kharkiv
15. Popasna
14. Okhtyrka
13. Mariupol
12. Kyiv
11. Kramatorsk
10. Kherson

Most photos are from articles.

More maps can be found here.

(update on 2022-03-10)

71 children died during the 15 days of Russia's war against Ukraine. Another 100 children were injured.

Russian army launch ballistic missiles into apartment buildings, fire from cannons on apartments while our children sleep, barbarically blockade our children in cities to make them die of dehydration and starvation.

Nothing soothes our pain for the fallen angels. But Ukraine will do everything to ensure that Putin bears the heaviest and most severe punishment for his war crimes at the international tribunal.

For the murder of three children in Malyn, Zhytomyr region, as a result of an air strike. One of them is a five-year-old girl and two babies born in 2021.

For shooting a 16-year-old boy at a market in the village of Zhukovsky in the Kharkiv region.

For the death of two children as a result of shelling in the village of Slobozhanske, Izium district.

For dozens of deaths of Ukrainian children who will never go to school again, will not become outstanding inventors, will not please the smiles of their relatives, will not see new cities. Never.

Russian occupiers have destroyed more than 200 Ukrainian schools, 34 hospitals, and more than 1,500 residential buildings.

Are these arguments not enough for the world to close the sky over Ukraine? #CloseTheSky

(update on April 3, 2022)

Massacre in Bucha

As russian troops withdraw from Bucha near Kyiv, they leave dozens of slain civilians(!) behind.

Many male bodies are lying dead with their hands tied behind their backs and their heads covered with a hat or a hood. That were non-combatants gunned down in cold blood.

The mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, reported horrible information that 280 corpses of people killed by the russian occupiers were buried in a mass grave. Weeks of occupation became hell for the locals and the entire nation.

Some other damaged cities

Kramatorsk, Donetska oblast

Kreminna, Luhanska oblast

Mala Kostromka (near Kryvyi Rih)

Rubizhne, Luhanska oblast

Trostyanets, Sumska oblast

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(update on 2022-04-09)

In the last turbulent century, human rights have risen and institutions have been established to protect these rights.

And now, russian troops are committing terrible crimes against humanity. – We have created a Facebook group in which we collect publications about such crimes.

We ask you to share information about these crimes as much as possible. If we do not do this now, unpunished evil will come with even greater force soon. Visit the Russian crimes against humanity in Ukraine Facebook group and share any post from it.

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(update on 2022-04-09)

Damaged and destroyed cultural objects

According to preliminary estimates, as of April 1, 2022, more than 150 different monuments and cultural objects were partially damaged or completely destroyed as a result of a full-scale кussian military invasion of free Ukraine. Source: UACulture – media of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

(update on 2022-05-07)

Satellite Images Map of Ukraine

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